QEA School's CEO

Mr. Simon Johnson, Chief Executive Officer

Quality Education Academy is a vertically intergraded K-12 school. This allows us to have economy of scale, an overlapping redundancy in services.

More importantly our research indicates that the long term relationship formerly in a K-12 environment produces many positive benefits...

We believe it is our duty to raise the quality of life of everyone we touch. We further believe it is incumbent for us to produce through our students, adults who will live out this core value.

We envision an educational organization that will help us to develop a wholesome community which may be replicated and maintained throughout the years.

The work that we do to accomplish this will be done through the total development of our students, adults, and future citizens who will be the embodiment of our core values and vision.

It is our desire that all of our students will become highly motivated productive citizens who will make a positive difference in society beginning at the level of the family and moving outward.

Through the years we have worked hard to create a brand at QEA that represents excellence in all things. A brand that promotes selflessness and being a giver, rather than a receiver.

We invite you to join us in this exciting work. It is an adventure which provides new avenues and opportunities for all of us who engage in this wonderful mission

QEA as one of the first charter schools in NC has a rich history of excellence and involvement in the total community. Its students have one of the highest graduate rates in the state. The school also has high marks for students continuing their post-graduation education.

It is very gratifying to see our alumni having leading roles throughout the community and nation. They have become leaders in virtually every walk of life. One of the unique things about QEA is the opportunity to be taught and serve in leadership roles. This is an invaluable asset for our students.

As we continue to strive for excellence in the future, it is imperative that we hold our vision high and continue to live up to its ideals.


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